Sunday, January 17, 2010

Team Member Spotlights! Take 2

Benjamin David Tracy

Ben is a junior Urban Environmental Studies major with a concentration in society and policy. He is going to change the branch at a time. In high school, he played basketball, baseball, track, roller hockey, basket weaving, and dabbled in amateur bouldering. He speaks French, Spanish, Yiddish, Pig Latin, Cantonese, and a dash of Persian. His childhood dreams of becoming a professional baseball player disappeared quickly when he realized that he just wasn't that good. No Sandy Kofax for this Jew. Did we mention he's Jewish? He's very proud. He is also currently dating celebrity blogger K Money. When asked how he handles the pressure of dating someone so famous, he responded...."Blogging is a profession?"

Michael Anthony Popwell

Also known as Popz Vegas 88, Mike is a Sophomore Accounting major. When he grows up, he wants to go to seminary at Duke, Emory, or Vanderbilt. Basically...the big leagues. Mike enjoys online poker and has developed quite the poker face. He loves everything Armenian (*wink wink*), but can be found in sketchy Thai restaurants in D.C. during the month of January. He prefers Backstreet Boys to Nsync, Elvis to the Beatles, Santa to the toothfairy, and will watch any movie starring Nicholas Cage. One day he hopes to discover the President's Book of Secrets and take your money in poker.

Katelin Marie Adams

A graduate of Alabama School of Math and Science, Katie Adams is a Sophomore Spanish major, English minor. She really loves languages. One of her favorite activities are online mad libs, followed by correcting people's grammar. When she's in a really bad mood, she will DuPunch you (copyright Caitlin Barringer). Her favorite dessert is plain cheesecake, and is accepting gift cards to Cheesecake Factory. When asked what's weird about her, she replied "my right arm doesn't straighten all the way." It's true.