Friday, January 22, 2010

Spotlights revisited

Sara Marie Doughton

Sara Marie Doughton, Assistant Director of the Bunting Center at Birmingham-Southern College, is a graduate of the English program at Birmingham-Southern College with a concentration in being a boss. She is engaged to marry Webb Lyons, but got a tattoo of the name "Ernesto" on her left shoulder while on this trip. For those who do not know, Ernesto is an employee of DCCK and one of the best people on Earth. Sara's favorite form of a potato is a fry, and her least favorite smell is the boys' room here at the Pilgrimage. When Sara hears rap music, it makes her want to "get down." She is a lover of this blog, silence, college students, and the Potter's House in D.C. When asked who stole the cookie from the cookie jar, Sara responded "Massachusetts". Very deep.

Kent Steven Andersen
Professor Andersen is an English professor at Birmingham-Southern College, but he originated in Iowa. Professor Andersen has been on several service-learning interims including Ecuador and India. From all of these experiences, Professor Andersen has come to the conclusion that college is really for critical thinking and falling in love. Professor Andersen has four beautiful cats: Kitty, Emmet, Snoopy, and Daymo (also known as D-Dog). When asked what book made him cry the most, the professor responded "Three Cups of Tea...I cried through the whole thing." On another note, his favorite ice cream is Pralines and Creme. Professor Andersen most often gets compliments on his eyes, and if he could master any one language it would be English. However, service-learning has his heart as well. Please note the picture of him above from service learning 2008 and guess which one he is.

Caitlin Hammond Barringer

Caitlin is a Senior Psychology major from Chatty, Tennessee. Known in the group as a spectacular joke teller, she gives us one for her home state- "Are you from Tennessee? Cause you're the only ten I see." Her favorite Halloween costume so far is a ceiling fan and next year she is considering dressing up as Ms. Dot from DCCK. One of her favorite activities is following the Presidential family on Twitter, although Caitlin prefers to use the more politically correct terms POTUS (President of the United States) and FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States). This past semester, Caitlin taught a rat named Phyllis to play basketball. Following this great success (see Air Phyllis MVP), Phyllis is currently under negotiations with numerous NBA teams. Although she was able to enjoy several museums and monuments during her first visit in the District, one thing Caitlin wasn't able to check off her list was landing a helicopter in Dupont Circle, Robert Langdon style. She does, however, want everyone to know that she doesn't always joke, but she did invent the internet. Respek.

Alysa Brooke Hand

Brooke is a Junior from Tuscaloosa, AL and is studying Biology and Religion. If she could be any character from a book, she would choose Hermione Granger, because she loves red heads and is highly intelligent. At home, she has a huskie named Balto and drinks REAL sweet tea...not like what they serve here in the Capital. Her favorite class at BSC has been Hebrew Bible with Dr. Cottrill, but if she could travel anywhere she would go to Europe..."anywhere in Europe." Brooke's favorite childhood memory is when she and her sister dressed her brother up as a barbie doll, and her favorite cereal to this day is the Scooby Doo brand. If she could rent any movie right now to reflect the mood she is currently in, it would be "Up." One thing the interim team has learned about Brooke is that when she is comfortable with people, she becomes very sarcastic. We are honored to say that we can appreciate this fully now.

Pooja Reddy
Pooja is a Biology major, Business minor with a focus on Krispy Kreme donuts. Her interests include indulging in Krispy Donuts, making sure others know the calories in Krispy Kreme Donuts, and leading discussion groups about Krispy Kreme donuts...specifically, the beauty of the original donut: glazed. Pooja is from Huntsville, AL, and her favorite Disney movie is "Aladdin." Here on our interim excursion, she is considered the thief of the group as she is accused of many mysterious disappearances including eye glasses and M&M bags. Helen appears to be the frequent target. Her favorite restaurant in D.C. is Bangkok Thai, and she enjoys asking for recipes. She also asked our hostess here in Knoxville (Beth) how she makes her rhubarb cake so delicious. Pooja was an excellent patron for the museums and monuments in D.C. However, when asked what person from history she would most like to get to know, she replied..."the founder of Krispy Kreme."

Charlsie Diana Wiggles Wigley

Charlsie Diana Wiggles Wigley comes from Anniston, AL, and is a Junior English major. Her favorite color to wear is red, as evidenced in some of the 30 hats in her "crazy" collection. On campus, she is in over seven organizations, giving her a chance to wear the many different hats. Haha.Charlsie's favorite thing about interim so far is working with team members and being awesome at "family", a classic service learning interim game. Her favorite thing to do as a kid was dance with her daddy, and she still holds this spirit by saying "when I grow up, I want to be a toys-r-us kid." Or a lawyer. You know, whatever. However, if she does make the big bucks, her number one vacation spot would be Central Park in New York City. When asked what book had a profound impact on her life, Charlsie replied The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. Her equally serious answer to "what is the theme song for your life?" was "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix Alot.