Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Real World: The Pilgrimage

Day One.

Well, we made it! The flight went very smoothly (everyone slept), and we enjoyed our 45 minute shuttle ride from the Baltimore Airport to our humble and welcoming abode at the Pilgrimage. Matt, the Pilgrimage Manager (he is not yet aware of our plans to make this a "real world" season), introduced us to the Pilgrimage and all of its wonders. We're staying in the basement of the Church of the Pilgrims here in DuPont-- also known (thanks to Caitlin Barringer) as DuPUNCH. We have a spacious great hall, complete with couches and a rabbit-earred TV. We did, of course, ask if it is suitable for National Championship viewing, but Northerners don't seem to speak our obnoxious Southern-football language. But don't stress...we'll figure it out.

Along with the spacious kitchen, the boys and girls are separated into two rooms, complete with at least fifty sets of bunk beds (maybe an exaggeration...but we're the Chroniclers; we don't crunch the numbers). Our summer camp experience is complete. The Pilgrimage also features a laundry and bathroom/shower facility, making for what is sure to be an extremely comfortable and enjoyable stay. After our short orientation, we bravely ventured out into the District of Columbia for the first time to find some lunch. The variety included: pizza, bagels, falafel (VA was really excited about it) and yogurt from the plethora of options merely a few blocks away. We still can't pronounce Gyros...but we're working on that, too.

After marathon naps, we convened to decide on supper/shopping plans. The group responsible for dinner tonight headed off to buy some delectable food items to last the week. Another group, led by Ben Tracy, who took them on a scenic route, finally reached the TARGET destination after a whopping 45 minutes. Although Sarah P had several imaginary encounters with black squirrels on the way back from the grocery store, Helen Marchman actually spotted one, but unfortunately did not have the time to snap a photo for evidence. But again...don't worry. We've got it covered.

After a delicious dinner thanks to Team A (name to come!) and superb clean up job performed by Team B ( to come), we played a rowdy round of Loaded Questions. We can sum up two hours of game play by saying that we learned A LOT about each other. For instance, we discovered that Kelly has a terrible fear of the gum disease gingivitis (not to be confused with Gingervitus-- having two red heads in the group, we are of course susceptible).

Now the day has begun to catch up with us, and we are ready to get a good night's sleep. Tomorrow is relatively laid back. In the late afternoon, we will be at DC Central Kitchens for a short orientation and work until 8. Of course this will be eagerly followed by the BCS National Championship. Prayers are appreciated for a working TV. Can we get a ROLL TIDE?! (from Kait). Helen gives a timid "hook 'em horns"...

Until Next Time,

Your First Time Bloggers ('d we do?!?!)
Kait and Helen

p.s.- Don't forget to look at the photos added by our fantastic photographer Katelyn C. Hancock