Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Claire Ward Hubbs
Claire Hubbs is a Junior Sociology/Psychology major, Art History minor and is from T-town, AL. Roll tide. When asked what her choice wallpaper would be, Claire responded, "Definitely Caitlin Barringer on her Crusin' Cooler." See Crusin' Cooler for the full effect. She was also asked to "fill in the blank: I am so much smarter than _______", and she responded "everyone." So, obviously, she's the genius of the Service Learning team. Which should be no surprise since she is the daughter of the esteemed BSC historian and archive collector, Dr. Guy Hubbs. Ghubbs. In addition to being supremely intelligent, Chubbs is also obsessed with technology, specifically her cellular device. She is currently running a picture text service to a select friend base..... A Picture A Day in the Life of Claire Hubbs: Washington DC Edition.

Katelyn Camile Taylor Eun Hancock
Katelyn Hancock is from Vestavia, AL, but Eric would claim her a Seoul sister. Katelyn is a Senior Art major, with a distinction in leading (also known as Leadership Studies). Her favorite medium of art is drawing. During the trip, we have come to find that Katelyn has a not-so-secret obsession with squirrels, in particular the black species. When asked what three musicians, writers, or artists would be joining her ideal dinner party, she responded Lady GaGa, , Frank Warren, and Amy Tan. Her commonly unknown hidden talent is piano, which she played for fifteen years. When asked what compliment she receives the most, Katelyn responded "I'm just really awesome...I don't know how to break that down."

Sarah Rose Parkinson
Sarah Rose is a native of Jackson, Mississippi and is a Sophomore Elementary Education major and Psychology minor with a concentration in auto-tune. She is also an expert in Sassy Girl. When asked what television shows she watches most, she pauses dramatically and responds, "I appreciate a wide variety of reality TV. Especially "Keeping up with the Kardashians'", as she is the missing Kardashian. If she could be on any game show, she would choose "Newlyweds" with Caitlin Barringer. They're not engaged, they just want a free trip to the Bahamas. When asked how well she sings in the shower on a scale from 1-10, her modest response was "13"...especially when she's being auto-tuned. Go shawty.

Virginia Ann Jordan

Virginia Ann Jordan (aka VA) hails from Centre, AL and is a Sophomore Political Science/Economics hybrid major and Spanish minor. On campus, VA is a member of the leadership studies program, saves lives as a lifeguard at the Striplin pool (not to be confused with the lake- you can't swim there!), and especially enjoys her time as a Resident Advisor in the freshmen girl's dorm Cullen Daniel. If she was a candy bar, she would be a chunky bar...because she's a little bit of everything; sweet and crunchy. In her spare time, VA can be found cooking, baking (ask for the apple love!), and reading. By the way, if you're looking for her appendix, you won't find it. But if you're looking for a helping hand or sweet smile- look for VA!