Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spotlights - FIN!

Kaitlin Blair Talley

Kait "Delicate Hands" Talley is a sophomore English major, minoring in political science and Ben Tracy. As a co-celebrity blogger for the DC team, Kait was able to demonstrate her expertise in writing, editorializing, and hearing voices. Back at BSC, Kait is very ACTive in EnACT. Haha. She's also a regular volunteer for First Light Women's Shelter, and this summer will make a triumphant return to DC as a Hess Fellow for Vital Voices. Her main goal, however, is to make it back to DCCK and win the heart of Ernesto (sorry, Ben). Not even this, though, can overshadow her greatest DC triumph - taking a picture with Barak, and holding the safe coffee pot as Michelle. Democrats represent!

Did someone say something?!

Helen Foster Marchman

Helen "H-Money" Marchman is a junior voice performance major from Florence, AL. Her interests include singing, blogging, not eating cheese, and trying to keep Pooja from stealing her stuff. While in DC Helen took advantage of the many opportunities to learn more about her values and passions - namely, that her favorite Krispy Kreme donut is chocolate sprinkles, rather than original glazed. Helen is most afraid of Ms. Dot "busting" her, but in times of crisis she finds comfort in wondering, What Would Paris Do? When she grows up Helen wants to be a Disney character. In the meantime, she's devoting herself to being Eric's number one facebook fan.